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Say goodbye to sugar and the usual substitutes and Hello to



For the first time ever, there’s a real alternative to sugar that is truly delicious, 100% natural, and has no texture or taste trade-offs. Our formula is so advanced, yet so simple and breakthrough it's patented.

You have to taste it to believe it!

"We've long recognized the need for a truly viable sugar alternative, but were consistently disappointed with the taste and texture trade-offs of available options - until we discovered HEYLO.

“One taste of HEYLO, and you'll understand why we're so excited about our partnership."

ED&F Man - one of the world’s oldest and largest sugar merchants and part of the MAN Group, the largest international publicly traded hedge fund company. Invested in Unavoo in 2016.


Transform your product with an ingredient that’s superior to sugar

or its current alternatives


100% Natural Ingredients

Zero Glycemic Index &

Safe for Diabetics

Gut-health Friendly Prebiotic




Can transform your product


Heylo has already been successfully implemented in many food & beverage applications such as ketchup, peanut butter, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate milk powder, flavoured water, salad dressings, iced tea, beverages and more.


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